I started teaching at the University level in 2015, as a doctoral student at the International and European law department in Kazan Federal University. 

I love showing students both importance and challenges of international law, especially in the modern world examples. 

My teaching philosophy is simple: I use humor, real-world examples, and technology to illustrate the complexity and system of human rights and international law. I enjoy teaching history of international law and of the UN system development.

Last but not least: I always encourage students to take part in international law competitions, moot courts nationally and abroad. Leading by example, as a participant of several international competitions, I believe that those competitions are the best way to train legal skills, English and meet new friends. 

I also enjoy serving as a judge for Russian and international rounds of P. Jessup Competition on International Public Law.

International Public Law (Bachelor level)

The course covered in detail the following topics: - The Nature and Scope of International  Public Law;  - The Sources of International Law; - Institutions of International Law - The Participants in the IL System - The Interpenetration of International and Domestic Law - The system of international law 

European System of Human Rights (Master level)

Some of the specific issues covered in this course: - European Convention of Human Rights and national law; - Implementation of human rights in national legal systems; - European Court of Human Rights; - Overview of the latest cases in the ECHR; - The development of constitutional rules protecting human rights